Third Party Advertiser Information

Third Party Advertiser Information
Things you need to know about registering as a Third Party Advertiser:
  • The Municipal Elections Act, 1996 now includes rules for third party advertising.
  • A third party advertisement is an advertisement in any broadcast, print, electronic or other medium that has the purpose of promoting, supporting or opposing a candidate in the election.
  • Between May 1 and October 22, 2018 (Election Day, individuals, corporations and trade unions who wish to conduct third party advertising in the Township of Hamilton must be registered with the Clerk.
  1. You can register beginning May 1 to October 19, 2018
  2. Until the Clerk, or designate, certified your registration you may not spend money on your campaign, accept contribution or begin advertising. 
  • Advertisements must identify the name of the registered third party advertiser, the municipality where they are register and contact information.
  • Candidates cannot register as a third party advertiser and cannot direct a third party advertiser.
This guide prepared by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs provides information to those wishing to register as a third party advertiser for the 2018 municipal elections. The Information also applies to any by-elections that may be held during the 2018-2022 council and school board term. The following are the forms that are pertinent to your Third Party Campaign:

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