Public Works Department

It is the responsibility of the Public Works Department to maintain and improve the Township's 284 kms of roads for the benefit of the traveling public.   Day operations are extensive and, depending on the season, include plowing, grading, patching, ditching, brushing, sweeping, maintenance of storm sewers, catch basins, and culverts, pavement markings, road signs, guide rails, roadside mowing, bridge and culvert maintenance.

In 2014 the municipality commissioned a  Road Needs Study.

Road Needs Study Report
Hamilton Township commissions a consulting engineering firm to conduct a Road Needs Study at intervals of approximately five years. The Road Needs Study is a visual assessment of existing conditions of Township roads. Each road is inspected once during the assessment.
The purpose of the Road Needs Study is to:

  • Clearly define the road network based on roadway attributes
  • Maintain an updated inventory of the road network
  • Identify deficiencies and estimate the cost of improvements needed to eliminate the deficiencies
  • Provide a guide and suggestions to establish road improvement strategies

The Road Needs Study Report is a helpful tool used by internal Township staff to assist in determining road improvement schedules. The most recent assessment was performed in 2014 and the subsequent report can be accessed via the following link: Road Needs Study

Night Patrol
From approximately, November 15 to April 15, of each winter season, an employee patrols the Township roads from Monday to Friday - 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Lucas Kelly, Manager of Operations -
Don Hamly, Public Works Foreman -


Application for Road Use- Special Events

Township Map

Policy And Procedure For Closure And Disposal Of Road Allowances

Application to Close a Road Allowance

Application to Purchase a Road Allowance

Construction Listings

2018 Proposed Surface Treatment Listing

2018 Proposed Asphalt Listing

2019 Proposed Surface Treatment Listing

2019 Proposed Asphalt Listing


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