Public Works - 2016 Road Projects

2016 Construction Projects                                    
Surface Treatment Projects                                                               Status
Vimy Ridge Road – Little Road to County Road 28                           Complete
Irving Goheen Road – Bethel Grove Road to Vimy Ridge Road       Complete
Traill Road South – County Road 9 to north end of road                   Complete
Cornish Hollow Road – Smylie Road to south of Ball Road               Start in September
Asphalt Rehabilitation Projects                                                           Status
Theatre Road North – Dale Road to Bickle Hill Road                       Start at end of August
Smylie Road – Baker Road North to Cornish Hollow Road              Start in September
Boundary Road – County Road 28 to Lake Street                            Start in September
Old Schoolhouse Road – entire road                                                Start in September
Ardagh Crescent – entire road                                                          Start in September

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