By-law Enforcement

Property Standards By-law
This By-law prescribes standards for the maintenance and occupancy of all property within the municipality. It requires that properties below the standards be repaired and maintained so as to comply.
Property Standards By-law
Property Standards Complaint Form

Noise By-law
People have a right to and should be ensured an environment free from unusual, unnecessary, or excessive sound or vibration which may degrade the quality and tranquility of their life or cause nuisance. This By-law was enacted to deal with the control and reduction of specified types of noise.
Noise By-law
Noise Complaint Form

General Complaints
If you have a concern that is not covered in the above by-laws, please fill out the following complaint form.
General Complaint Form


Discharge of Guns
This by-law prohibits and regulates the discharge of guns within the Township of Hamilton.
Discharge of Guns By-law

Sign By-law
A By-law has been enacted to regulate the size and location of sign within the Township of Hamilton.
Sign By-law
Sign Permit Application
Electronic Sign Application Form

Parking Enforcement
Effective Friday, August 3, 2012, the Township of Hamilton will be enforcing By-law No. 2012-20, the Township of Hamilton Parking By-law and will be issuing parking tickets accordingly.
Parking By-law 2017-13 - Schedule 'A' Fire Routes; Schedule 'B' Disabled; Schedule 'C' Anytime; Schedule 'D' Specific Period; Schedule 'E' Set Fines.

Site Plan Control
A Site Control By-Law has been enacted and applies to all properties within the Township of Hamilton. A detailed Site Plan will be required for all residential lots that permit a new residential use and must be prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor or Professional Engineer.
Site Plan Control By-law

Site Alteration
A by-law has been passed to prohibit or regulate the placing or dumping of fill or the alteration of the grade of land in Hamilton Township.
Site Alteration By-Law


Tim Jeronimus, E.I.T.
Chief Building Official
By-Law Enforcement Officer
Phone: 905-342-2810 Ext 125

Michael Fraser
Deputy Chief Building Official
By-Law Enforcement Officer
Phone: 905-342-2810 Ext 107


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