Fees & Charges

The Council of the Township of Hamilton approved a new Fees and Charges By-law # 2017-15 at their Regular meeting held April 18, 2017.
By-law 2017-15 is a by-law to impose Fees and Charges on any class of persons for services or activities provided to them by the Corporation of the Township of Hamilton. 
(The fees outlined on Schedules 'A' to 'I' may be subject to applicable HST

By-law 2017-15  By-law 2018-19 amends Schedules 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E', 'H', 'I'
Schedule 'A' - Finance
Schedule 'B' - Administration
Schedule 'C' - Municipal Animal Services
Schedule 'D' - Fire
Schedule 'E' - Building
Schedule 'F' - By-law
Schedule 'G' - Planning
Schedule 'H' - Public Works/Water
Schedule  'I' - Parks and Recreation

By-law 2004-39 Park Levy Fee $1000.00

Police False Alarm By-law 2007-43

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