Building Department

The Building Department is responsible to ensure that all new buildings, additions or structures are built in accordance with the Ontario Building Code Act. Building Permits are required prior to the construction or demolition of any building/structure. The guidelines for home builders and the steps and procedures involved when applying for a building permit are set out in the Home Builders Guide.

Home Builders Guide-Part 1:Single Family Dwellings - (revised January, 2019) Municipal Building Requirements

Home Builders Guide-Part 2: Subdivision Lots-Single Family Dwellings - (revised January, 2019) Municipal Site Plan & Lot Grading Requirements

House Application

*Note: Plumbing permits are normally part of the building permit process.


   Deck Guide   

   Garage Guide

Residential Addition
   Wall Section and Details

Accessory Building

Pool Permits - A building permit is required for the installation of pools. Requirements for fencing are included in the Pool By-law.
Pool By-law
Pool Application Form


Moving Permits - Movement of heavy vehicles, loads, objects or structures over Township Roads where the dimensions or weights are in excess of the Highway Traffic Act.

Refreshment Vehicles/Chip Trucks - Permits are required and applications are available at the Township Office
Refreshment Vehicle By-law
Refreshment Vehicle Application

Trailer Agreements - Agreements are required prior to locating a trailer on any property within the Township.


Site Plan Control
A Site Control By-Law has been enacted and applies to all properties within the Township of Hamilton. A detailed Site Plan will be required for all residential lots that permit a new residential use and must be prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor or Professional Engineer.
Site Plan Control By-law

Site Alteration
A by-law has been passed to prohibit or regulate the placing or dumping of fill or the alteration of the grade of land in Hamilton Township.
Site Alteration By-Law

Tim Jeronimus, E.I.T.                                                                         
Chief Building Official
By-Law Enforcement Officer
Phone: 905-342-2810 Ext 125

Michael Fraser
Deputy Chief Building Official
By-Law Enforcement Officer
Phone: 905-342-2810 Ext 107



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