The Planning Department is the primary source for information related to property zoning, home business/industry and property development and/or re-development.
Services offered by the Planning Department include the processing of minor variance and severance applications that are considered by the Committee of Adjustment. 
Committee of Adjustment generally meets the second Tuesday of the month.

Processing of zoning and official plan amendments as well as plans of subdivision are also functions of the Planning Department.

Ministry Municipal Affairs & Housing Citizens' Guides to Land Use Planning

Understanding the Consent Application Process: Your Step-By-Step Guide for Consent Granting Authorities

Official Plan
The Plan applies to all lands in the Township of Hamilton and the general purpose of the Plan is to provide a comprehensive document to guide and direct the use of land in the Township of Hamilton.
The Official Plan for the Township of Hamilton was approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on October 5, 2004, followed by the approval for the Oak Ridges Moraine Section on December 10, 2004. The Plan was further modified by the approval of Official Plan Amendment No. 7 - Adopted by Council By-law 2010-24 on November 16, 2010, Modification Resolution 2012-405 and Approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on August 28, 2012. (OPA No. 7 Decision )

Official Plan (Text)

Schedule A - Land Use Designations

Schedule B - Oak Ridges Moraine

Schedule C - Key Natural Heritage Features Oak Ridges Moraine

Schedule D - High Aquifer Vulnerability (Oak Ridges Moraine)

Comprehensive Zoning By-Law
The Comprehensive Zoning By-Law 2001-58 was approved on October 16, 2001. The Zoning By-Law regulates the use of lands and the character, location and use of buildings and structures in a defined area of the Township. The Oak Ridges Moraine Protection Act, 2001 has been enacted by the Province together with the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan. It sets out extensive restrictions to properties lying within the defined area. Areas within the Oak Ridges Moraine are also governed by Zoning By-law 2001-58. For further information, please contact the Planning Department. Since the initial approval of By-law 2001-58, there have been various House Keeping amendments inclusive of Site Specific By-laws and consolidations.

Zoning By-law 2001-58 , as amended (text)
Schedule A - Zoning Classifications
Schedule J - Permanent Agriculture
Schedule K - Landform Conservation Areas
Schedule L - High Aquifer Vulnerability
Schedule M - Underlying Zone Classifications - Oak Ridges Moraine

Other By-Laws

Site Plan Control By-law
Site Alteration By-Law

Sandra Stothart, Planning Coordinator

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