Mailing Address Changes

A written request is required for changing a mailing address. It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive your property tax bill and have paid your property taxes. Please make sure that you keep your mailing address changes current and up to date with our office, as any overdue taxes will be subject to penalty and interest charges.

Please include the following information in your written request:
  • Property owner’s name
  • Roll number
  • Date the mailing address should be changed
  • Old mailing address
  • New mailing address
Requests can be submitted by email, mail or in person.

Mail: 8285 Majestic Hills Drive, PO Box 1060, Cobourg ON, K9A 4W5, Attn: Tax Department
In Person: Administrative office located at 8285 Majestic Hills Drive, Cobourg ON

Please use the Mailing Address Change Form for mail-in or in person requests.

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