If you are building a new home, your building permit cannot be issued until the Building Department receives confirmation that you have applied for an entrance culvert from Public Works (you must apply in person at Township office, 8285 Majestic Hills Drive). We may suggest delaying the installation of the culvert until after the heavy equipment is finished at your building site. A heavy truck could crush the entrance culvert, requiring you to pay to have another one installed. Once you have applied for the entrance culvert, a representative from the Public Works Department will check the location to see if a culvert is required and if the sight lines are sufficient for safe entry onto the roadway.
Entrance/Road Deposit will not be released unless the Final Building Inspection is approved.
Entrance application may be obtained at the Township Office.
Paved Driveways
If a property owner chooses to pave their driveway, the Township will not be responsible for replacing pavement in the event that a repair or replacement of the culvert is required due to frost heaving or as a result of construction.

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